Apple: The iOS 15.1 official version will be released on October 25! Will solve many problems

After the autumn new product launch in September, Apple pushed the official version of iOS 15. Despite the high expectations, there are still shortcomings.

First of all, from the point of view of the upgrade rate, the performance of iOS 15 is far inferior to that of iOS 14. Secondly, from the experience of the system itself, there are not many immature or even annoying bugs.

According to incomplete finishing, after the official version of iOS 15 was launched, Apple Watch was close to unlocking failure, abnormal prompts that the storage space is full, there is no SIM card, and the CarPlay car is not responding or disconnected.


And it is impossible to control the active noise reduction and transparency mode of AirPods through Siri.

Of course, some bugs have been resolved in the iOS 15.0.1/15.0.2 update, but for example, the iPhone 13 series does not have an automatic macro independent switch, and the signal is poor. You still need to wait for iOS 15.1 to become positive.

Email records posted by netizens show that members from Apple’s security team revealed that iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 will be officially launched on October 25.

October 25th is exactly one week after Apple’s press conference, and Apple has confirmed that it will hold a new product event at 1:00 AM on October 19th, East Asian Time.