Are you prepared to buy? The foldable iPhone will come soon!

At present, the world’s well-known Android mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own folding screen phones, and even the news that Google’s folding screen phones will be unveiled soon, but Apple has been slow to notice.

However, according to various sources, Apple is indeed carrying out the relevant research and development of the folding screen mobile phone, and the degree of completion is quite high, but Apple has high requirements for the design and quality of the phone, so it has not been officially unveiled.

According to the latest predictions, Apple will launch its first folding screen iPhone in 2023, and will use an 8-inch QHD+ OLED folding screen provided by Samsung.


It is shown that the phone will adopt a left and right fold design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, and the folding main screen adopts a punch-hole solution in the upper right corner.

Moreover, the area of the punched area is relatively large, and it should be the component that retains the Face ID, which can still realize face recognition.

At the same time, the folding screen iPhone has also returned to the rounded body design similar to the iPhone X/11 Pro series, so that it can maintain a better holding experience for large-screen equipment manufacturers.


It is worth mentioning that Apple seems to be also equipped with a unique iOS system for the folding screen iPhone, which can achieve a similar computer mode on the folding screen that supports hovering.

It can achieve some productivity operations, such as full keyboard typing in a memo like a notebook.

In addition, there was news that Apple is working with Corning to develop a foldable glass that will equip the folding screen iPhone with a chemically strengthened ceramic protective glass that will not break when bent.

This special tempered glass will effectively reduce creases, and further enhance the display and touch effects, greatly improving the usability and durability of the folding screen mobile phone, which is worth looking forward to.