Finally, I bought AirPods Max–Using experience of AirPods Max

Let’s talk about texture first. The top is elastic mesh, and the earmuffs are made of memory foam.

These two points are very important, because wearing it in the summer is much cooler than leather earmuffs. The earmuffs are made of recyclable anodized aluminum, which inherits Apple’s consistent environmental protection style. The telescopic part is stainless steel.

Attention! This headset has a special place, it does not have a shutdown button! ! Therefore, this smart sleep set is very important.

Regarding sound quality and noise reduction, a vivid example: If the sound quality of AirPods Pro is boiled water, then the sound quality of AirPods Max is a large glass of soda water.

As a relatively amateur headset player, I dare not say how good its sound quality is, but this is the best sound quality Apple headset I have ever heard.

The noise reduction is more powerful, and it is the industry benchmark. It is better than AirPods Pro and is equal to Sony XM4.

About battery life. Like the official website claims, it can be used for more than 20 hours with noise reduction turned on. After turning off noise reduction, the battery life will be longer.