Asus Zenfone 8z may launch in India with Android 12 OS

Although Asus India has officially confirmed the launch of the Asus 8z in the country, the company is yet to confirm the launch date. Asus 8z is the brand’s non-gaming flagship smartphone, which was launched with Android 11 OS in select markets.


The company has now started recruiting testers for Android 12 OS on the Asus 8z, which is known as the Asus Zenfone 8 worldwide, this means that the Asus 8z will come with Android 12 OS with Stock UI in India. may be launched.

Note that, Asus has already released a couple Android 12 beta versions. However, these updates were based on the AOSP build and did not include any Asus-specific features that are available on the Android 11 OS version.

Note that, Google is yet to release the final stable build of Android 12 OS which is likely to coincide with the launch of Google Pixel 6, which is highly unlikely to launch in India. Going by this news, Asus may release the stable version of Android 12 OS as soon as it gets official, and the Asus 8z may also come with Android OS out-of-the-box.


How to get Android 12 OS on Asus 8z/Asus ZenFone 8?
Enroll in the beta testing program on the Asus 8z or Asus Zenfone 8 from the Settings > System > System Update menu. If Asus accepts your application for beta testing, you will be able to get Android 12 OS beta on Asus smartphone.

Note that, you can only apply for beta testing between October 1st and October 13th. The company also confirms that everything about the beta software is confidential, and the user should not share any information on the public platform.

Asus specifies that installing the beta version of Android 12 will not void the warranty. However, if you plan to skip beta testing to get the stable version, you’ll need to send a request to Asus by posting a thread or sending a personal message to the moderators.