Awesome OPPO phone! OPPO Reno4 can even resist bullet and saved a soldier’s life!

According to William, OPPO’s president of global marketing, this happened in the Philippines in September 2020.

A soldier contacted the OPPO service center, hoping to know the price of the screen repair of the Reno4 mobile phone, and the customer service realized this very magical thing.

According to OPPO, when the soldier was on a patrol mission on September 15th, he was unfortunately ambushed by the enemy and was hit by a bullet in his thigh, but he was not injured because the bullet happened to hit the Reno4 in his pocket.

He marveled at the quality of the phone and vowed to fix this lucky phone.

The customer service was shocked, so he calmed down immediately and communicated with him to contact the previous sales for after-sales processing.

On October 14, Sales sent the phone to the nearest OPPO customer service center. After checking the required information, the maintenance personnel began to inspect the Reno4, which was experiencing a dangerous moment.

The impact of the bullet was very strong, not only was the screen cracked, but after disassembling the phone, it was found that the battery was also subject to a lot of impact, but the part behind the battery was still basically unaffected.

After confirming the diagnosis results and the required costs, OPPO maintenance personnel immediately completed the replacement of the screen, battery and other components, and restored the phone to its original appearance.

Within a day, Reno4, who accompanied him through the life and death moments, returned to his hands just like the first time they met.

Thanks to this Reno4, the Filipino soldier was unscathed after a bullet, and thanks to his cherishment of lucky phones, we were able to hear the truth: OPPO phones are really bulletproof!