Bang & Olufsen has launched Beosound Level wireless home speakers

Bang & Olufsen has released the new Beosound Level. It is a wireless home portable speaker with pure sound quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and modular design that can extend the service life. The slim body design with a built-in embedded handle brings inherent portability. Whether it is standing upright in the kitchen, placed flat on the table, or gracefully hung on the wall, Beosound Level can be intelligently tuned according to the environment, bringing an excellent sound experience.


Beosound Level was designed by Torsten Valeur and built by factory No. 5 in Struer, Denmark. Its pearl-blasted aluminum frame demonstrates Bang & Olufsen’s professional achievements in the field of aluminum crafting. Beosound Level cleverly uses the coldness of materials and technology to easily integrate it into various interior design styles. The loudspeaker cover adopts a natural oak cover. After the cover is processed, the natural texture and texture of the wood are more prominent, and the luxurious and elegant Scandinavian home is oncoming. At the same time, the appearance is matched with the dark gray seamless Kvadrat fabric, which interprets B&O’s precision aesthetics and makes people love it.


Beosound Level adopts wireless connection and has IP54 dust and splash-proof certification. It can not only be placed in the home but also can be brought into the garden. The user interface of the speaker is seamlessly integrated with the aluminum frame, and the buttons can be activated with a single touch, and you can enjoy your favorite songs or radio stations. When approaching the speaker, the Beosound Level will interact with the user in the form of light, and the brightness can be adjusted through the integrated proximity sensor to adapt to changes in light during day and night. After the interaction, the lights will gradually dim, reproducing the simple design of the initial state.


Beosound Level has 105 watts of music playback power. With its powerful five-drive unit speaker group (including two 4-inch woofers, a 2-inch full-range unit, two 0.8-inch tweeters, and can provide adaptive sound classification and bring 79dB bass performance and 96db mid-frequency loudness Low distortion power amplifier) ​​to achieve good clarity and dynamic bass performance. At the same time, it has advanced multi-channel support acoustic characteristics, including a new generation of active space compensation technology. Relying on intelligent behavior analysis, as well as continuous adjustment of speaker power consumption and volume, Beosound Level has excellent battery life and can continue to play for 16 hours at a standard volume. Beosound Level’s audio architecture has an adaptive adjustment function, which can adjust the acoustic tuning from 180 degrees to 360 degrees according to its placement, so as to optimize the user’s listening experience.


Bang & Olufsen will continue to design and produce new material and color masks for users to replace. Users can customize the speakers according to their personal style and preferences, and at the same time add an elegant atmosphere to the interior decoration. The main body of the speaker is made of high-performance recyclable polymer material, which significantly improves the resource utilization efficiency of Beosound Level.