Been scooped by Xiaomi but Apple has not given up AirPower, may introduce Air Charge

Some time ago, at the spring new product launch conference, Xiaomi released a number of flagship new products, and also launched a multi-coil wireless fast charging board that Apple has failed to launch after four years of research and development.

According to Xiaomi, this multi-coil wireless fast charging board has 19 built-in charging coils, which can charge three devices at the same time. It is equipped with an intelligent detection circuit and can be quickly matched, which is in line with Apple’s original design concept.


It is reported that as early as the 2017 iPhone X conference, Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging board that can wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time, and it is better than Xiaomi’s 19 charging coils, with 22 built-in wireless charging coils. 

It is a pity that there is still no follow-up in the past four years, and there has been much news that Apple has cut it directly.


However, according to the latest report, Apple is still conquering related technologies internally and developing a redesigned wireless charger whose function is basically similar to AirPower and can charge multiple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that Apple seems to have to go further on its previous ideas. It is also investigating other wireless charging methods internally, which may achieve longer working distances and may bring similar effects to air charging.


However, this technology has still been preempted by Xiaomi. Xiaomi officially launched the air charging technology in January this year. This technology can achieve 5 watts of long-distance charging within a few meters through a separate charging pile device.