Big event in this week: some information about iOS16.1 and Android 13


Apple announced that iPadOS 16.1 will be released on Monday, and with the update, Apple will also introduce iOS 16.1, which brings several new features to the iPhone, including iCloud Shared Photo Library, Live Activities, standalone Fitness+, and more.

Starting with iOS 16.1, Apple released iCloud Shared Photo Library, which allows users to create photo libraries that are shared with family members, where photos are taken by the camera or uploaded from the user’s existing photos and automatically shared to the shared album Camera Roll.

When iCloud Shared Photo Library is enabled, each user can add, delete, edit or favorite shared photos or videos that will appear in each user’s Memories and Featured Photos, a new switch in the Camera app allows When group members upload camera photos and videos, they are instantly added to the shared library.

With an update, Apple is bringing Live Activities to the iPhone. The live event, which launched with iOS 16 in June, brought interactive notifications to the iPhone’s lock screen. For example, if you order an Uber, you can see the car approaching with a new dynamic notification on the lock screen that updates to show real-time information without opening the app.

iOS 16.1 enables standalone Apple Fitness+, allowing subscribers to join the service without an Apple Watch for the first time.


New in iOS 16.1 for users in the US is Clean Energy Charging for iPhone, which will optimize charging time when the grid is using clean energy, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of charging iPhone overnight.

The Clean Energy Charging feature will attempt to reduce a user’s carbon footprint through selective charging when low carbon emission electricity is available. The device will learn from the user’s daily charging routine to fully charge it before it needs to be used, similar to the existing Optimized Battery Charging feature that also learns the user’s daily charging routine and stops overnight Charge to 100%.

Next week, iOS 16.1 will also introduce key sharing in the Wallet app, savings accounts for Apple Card users, and more.

Android 13


Google has announced Android 13 Go Edition for ultra-affordable phones. Well, the best part about Android 13 Go Edition is that it brings a lot of new features to users along with the popular Material You design language to budget phones. Materials You mean you can apply color themes that reflect your wallpapers, even on budget phones.

While it will only give you 4 color schemes to choose from (instead of the 16 in the full version of Android), something is better than nothing. In the official blog, Google showed the application of the Material You theme on the lock screen and quick settings. Although Material You has been available since Android 12, last year’s Go version skipped it to include other important features. Finally, it’s finally here.


When you swipe on the home screen, you’ll be taken to the Google Discover feed. Here, users will be able to view featured articles and other feeds. The full version also offers many other features. This includes notification permissions and per-app language preferences.

Android 13 Go Edition phones will be available in 2023

Android 13 Go also brings support for Google Play system updates. This feature is important as it will ensure that even your budget phone will receive regular updates and important software updates via the Play Store in addition to Android firmware updates.

Google notes that “this doesn’t affect the storage space available on the device,” which is good considering it’s for budget phones that don’t have a lot of storage options.

However, budget phones should meet one requirement to receive Android 13 Go Edition. Google requires at least 2GB of RAM for Android Go hardware, which shouldn’t be a problem since even budget phones have 4GB of RAM these days. Android Go is currently installed on more than 250 million devices, and Google expects Android 13 Go to be available on devices in 2023.

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