Black and white minimalist style, cost-effective Xiaomi walkie-talkie Lite

Advantages: minimalist shape, clear call, simple and easy to use, Xiaomi App writing frequency. Disadvantages: There is no screen, the antenna is long, and the dial is prone to misoperation.

Adhering to Xiaomi’s consistent design style, the appearance is very minimalist.

The color I matched is black and white. Although the body does not have a screen, the overall hand is relatively slender, and the girl holds it very firmly.

As a new and cost-effective product among Xiaomi walkie-talkies, let’s try the walkie-talkie with a price of CNY 129. What is the effect?


Xiaomi walkie-talkies have come out for three generations, the price ranges from 249 yuan to 449 yuan, and the new Lite is the cheapest one at only 129 yuan. Sacrificing the display screen, but maintaining basic performance.


It is worth mentioning that it has a 40mm large-diameter speaker.

Compared with the 36mm speaker of the traditional walkie-talkie, the radiation area is larger, the sound is more penetrating, and the human voice is clear.

With 16 channels, the call distance is 1 to 5 kilometers, and it is no problem for indoor and outdoor use at regular distances.

Support Xiaomi APP writes frequency, can write frequency intelligently, backup frequency information, accurate to four decimal places, avoid public frequency band interference.

I also turned on the button-free call, which suddenly felt great.

It is very convenient to use one-to-many frequency speed dating in situations where multiple people need to talk to each other!

The 2000mAh lithium-ion battery provides 5 days of long standby time and can be used continuously for 10 hours.


A headset is included at random, it looks like the cord is long…I have never used it…

But when I was dining in the restaurant recently, I noticed that this headset + walkie talkie is basically the standard equipment for waiters.

The clip is clipped to the clothes, the walkie-talkie is placed in the pocket of the clothes, and the headset is just the right length.


This is how it is installed, but this combination is still very new to me.

The headset design is very suitable for private conversations between teams.

Therefore, Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie Lite is very suitable for regular office environments and a certain range of indoor environments.


The operation is very simple, the left side of the fuselage is the call button, power switch, and volume adjustment.

Press and hold the call key to start the intercom, and release it after speaking.


On the right side of the fuselage, there is an earphone jack, charging port, and reset button.

The old Micro-USB charging cable can be supported.

Indicator status description:

The manual could provide the reference.



On the top of the fuselage, there is an antenna, a power indicator, and a channel dial.

The design is very simple, but the dial is more delicate and easier to touch by mistake. You need to take a look at the intercom.


The bottom of the fuselage is a magnetic charging port, which can be charged regardless of the front and back.


There is no cradle charger in the standard configuration, and an additional single configuration is required. The price is only CNY 39.

With a dock charger, Mi Walkie Talkie Lite can become a very convenient car hand station.


Having said so much, I took the Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Lite to the indoor and outdoor environment to test it myself:


First, we went to a certain restaurant to test the call effect in the indoor environment.

After walking around the corridor, walking from the lobby to the private room, then to the front desk and the kitchen, the overall call is quite clear.


In the outdoor environment, it is used as a daily trip to communicate with family members.

Go out with your family’s feet before and after, the distance is about 1km, there are many interference signals and obstacles, the basic call is normal and clear, and the noise is low.


I usually like to hang the walkie-talkie on my body, on my backpack, or on the shoulder strap of various messenger bags.

This is a comparison of Mi Lite and Sling backpacks, it can be seen that the size (length) is still not small.

Hmm… If you often need to walk around when traveling outdoors, the length is still somewhat inconvenient.


In general, the Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Lite has a minimalist design and a beautiful appearance. The body is light and handy, the hand feels comfortable, the operation is simple and convenient, and the call is clear. As a walkie-talkie with a price of 129 yuan, the price/performance ratio is really high.

However, since I often travel outdoors, its size and antenna are obviously longer, and it lacks some portability for outdoor use. In addition, there is no screen, the dial control is relatively light and not locked, it is easy to accidentally touch… I don’t know when the channel may change, this needs to be paid attention to when using it.

Suggested use occasions for Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Lite:

1. Indoor environments within a certain area, such as offices, restaurants,

2. Outdoor team room, used for in-car liaison hand station.

If your environment is mainly outdoor, it is recommended that you pay attention to the Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2, which is 449 yuan. It has UV dual frequency bands, the UHF frequency band provides clearer calls in the city, and the VHF band provides longer call distance outdoors. Moreover, it has a screen and is more convenient to use in severe weather such as rain and dust. It has 13 days of long standby and 15 hours of continuous use, which basically meets the daily use of one day.