BenQ eye protection display screen makes your eyes never tired!

After working at home, I spent more time sitting in front of the computer one day, and my eyes often felt sore. So I entered the BenQ display screen some time ago. It’s really worth buying!



1. It has a unique eye protection function, low blue light, high-definition display, LED backlight, low flicker rate, which is very friendly to students who need to read a lot of ebooks, reduce visual fatigue and protect eyesight. In operation, you only need to adjust to the Reading function, which is very simple.

2. It can be a vertical screen, you can lift it and adjust the angle.

3. It has the function of real-time sensing of light, which can be automatically adjusted to the appropriate brightness according to the surrounding light intensity.

4. There is a built-in loudspeaker, you don’t need to buy an external Bluetooth speaker.

5. The operation and installation are very simple, a high-definition cable HDMI is all you need, of course, there are other interfaces, suitable for friends with different needs.