Brief review on MIUI 12.5 after I updated for my Redmi 10X 5G

My Redmi 10X 5G has been updated. The system version is MIUI 12.5.2. Here are some more obvious changes:

1. Built-in gms

2. Added MIUI+ function
Opening method: setting, linking and sharing, MIUI+ beta version

3. The volume adjustment display changed from the original white and blue to gray and white

4. Added a voice assistant, you can adjust the sound by multiple applications
Open method: setting, sound and vibration, voice assistant

5. Add 60fps option for screen recording
Opening method: screen recording app, gear in the upper right corner, frame number

6. Added small window capsule
Opening method: setting, special functions, MIUI laboratory, small window capsule

7. Super Wallpaper
Open method: setting, wallpaper and personalization, wallpaper, super wallpaper

8. Modify the fingerprint unlock animation effect
Replacement method: setting, password and security, fingerprint unlocking, fingerprint recognition effect