MIUI 13: With a lot of big changes, MIUI 13 is expected to be tested at the end of the year!

MIUI 13 has changed a lot. Many system interfaces have new UX. The bottom layer of the test still has Android 11 and Android 12 versions.

MIUI 13 is expected to be tested at the end of the year, and new mobile phones pre-installed with MIUI 13 will debut at the end of the year.

Last year, Xiaomi brought a new generation of MIUI 12 operating system, one of the biggest upgrade points is animation and privacy protection.

In order to challenge the strongest animation, MIUI 12 self-researched and reconstructed from the underlying technology, and completed the technical architecture including the animation engine, rendering engine, and illustration engine, named the light cone motion architecture.


MIUI 12 is very realistic whether it is rebounding and decelerating, corner pressing or front pressing. Relying on the physics engine, MIUI’s desktop icons also achieve elegant spatial movement.

Another major upgrade of MIUI 12 is privacy protection. When the app gets permission, you can choose to only allow it in use or allow it this time.

For apps that do not clarify the purpose of the permission, the always allow option will not be provided. MIUI 12 can erase sensitive information when users share photos to protect personal privacy.

After more than a year, MIUI 13 is about to debut. It is expected that there will be new upgrades in interface design, system fluency, and privacy protection. We will wait and see.