MIUI 13 details: Xiaomi will send out many new features this time

Judging from the current exposure, MIUI 13 will be released on December 16, and Xiaomi 12 will also be coming together. However, for many Mi Fans, what is most concerned about the new system is how.

Some details of MIUI 13 have appeared on the Internet, mainly new features, such as the new smart toolbox that integrates functions such as video, games, and notes.

Can support global quick opening, instead of opening small windows by entering the multitasking interface.

In addition, users can keep the last used lens after launching the camera and turning it on again; the new MIUI theme adds virtual characters to the voice assistant.

Added cargo tracking widget; new battery temperature indicator; added timeline scroll bar for photo album, etc.

At the same time, the new system also allows users to automatically back up and restore data when switching between the MIUI beta version and the stable version.

There has been news before that, as a new generation operating system created by Xiaomi, in addition to regular upgrades in UI design and fluency, the new generation of MIUI 13 will also upgrade to cross-screen interconnection.

At present, MIUI has launched MIUI+, which realizes seamless connection between Android and Windows systems. When users read and browse on the mobile phone, they can press and hold a text to copy and paste it directly on the computer.

On MIUI 13, the cross-screen interconnection between mobile phones and computers will be closer and more powerful, which is worth looking forward to.