News for Mi fans! MIUI 12.5 stable version internal test has been pushed

MIUI 12.5 stable version internal test has been pushed. It has been confirmed that the stable version test covers three models, and the version correspondence is as follows:

Xiaomi Mi 11: V12.5.1.0.RKBCNXM

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: V12.5.1.0.RJJCNXM

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE: V12.5.1.0.RFBCNXM

According to the official timetable previously announced, the MIUI 12.5 stable version is scheduled to be released at the end of April. The models include Mi 11, Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10 Pro, and Mi 10.

It is reported that Xiaomi claims that the changes to MIUI 12.5 are no less than a major version iteration. It’s with significant upgrades in system dynamics, sound effects, and tactile design. It adds four functions of smart clipboard privacy protection, file sandbox mechanism, web browsing privacy protection, and location information privacy protection. It will also introduce MIUI plus multi-screen office software and so on.

In terms of fluency, the system memory usage has dropped by an average of 35%, power consumption by 25%, and super wallpaper power consumption by up to 40%.