Xiaomi Mi 12 series have been put into production: the price may start at $600

According to plan, this Wednesday (December 1st) at 7 o’clock in the morning, Qualcomm’s new generation of Snapdragon flagship processor will be officially released.

Recently, the whistleblower has also intensively given information on new phones such as Xiaomi 12 that may launch this chip.

According to its latest news, all three models of Xiaomi 12 series models L1/L2/L3(a) have been put into production, and the press conference is scheduled for the end of December.

Regarding the configuration differences of the three models, the news broke that, “If you like 2k high-brush, large-screen 100W fast charge and 5x ultra-telephoto, then choose the high-end configuration.”


It seems that the standard version is likely to have a 1080P display, and there is no fast charging of 100 watts and periscope multi-fold zoom.

Obviously, Xiaomi may be doing this to keep the starting price of $600. From an industry perspective, the price of this year’s Snapdragon 8G1 chip is definitely not cheap.

I am afraid that there are no major cost concessions for other components, so some “sacrifices” have to be made in the configuration.

In addition, before the arrival of February 1st, there should be a number of Snapdragon 8 series flagships to be released/sold. If there is no brand plot, you can wait and see the comparison before buying.