The first time in this series! Redmi Note 11 is equipped with Samsung AMOLED pinhole screen

Redmi Note 11 will be equipped with an AMOLED screen for the first time, and it is a diamond arrangement scheme created by Samsung. This is also one of the finest OLED pixel arrangement methods in the industry, which can bring a clearer display effect.

At the same time, this screen also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, which can achieve better color reproduction. It is also equipped with a rare 360° light sensor of the same level, which makes the screen brightness adjustment more timely and accurate, and also adds blue light reduction. The display effect of eye protection, long-term use is more friendly to the eyes.

It is worth noting that the screen-to-body ratio of Redmi Note 11 is also very well controlled, not only has a 1.75mm ultra-narrow bezel.

It also reproduces the previous pinhole screen of the K40 series, and the centered proactive aperture is only 2.96mm, which can provide an excellent visual experience.

In addition to excellent display quality and screen form, Note 11 also has a 120Hz high brush and 360Hz touch sampling rate, which can provide fast display and response capabilities, and bring smoother operation.

At the same time, with the symmetrical JBL dual speakers, the audio and video effects are also very good.

On the whole, the screen specifications of the Redmi Note 11 series can be said to completely exceed the original gear system of the Note, which can be regarded as one of the most preferred 2K level.