Among Xiaomi, Samsung and iPhone, which two brands do you think will cooperate?

It is known that Xiaomi, Samsung and iPhone are the most popular phone brands around the current world. According to the reports and some rumours, there are two brands will cooperate with each other in many tech aspects, for instance, the screen, the CPU and other electronic components.

Based on this rumour, there are a lot of prediction have been created, some people say Xiaomi and Apple, the two major adversaries, will eventually cooperate and kick Samsung off from the smartphone filed.

Whereas, this thought seems like hasn’t received the agreement from the other group of people.

Actually,  Xiaomi is making out with Samsung, as evidenced by the Super Amoled Xiaomi screen technology made from Samsung.

And, we can find out there is a great aim in the cooperation between Samsung and Xiaomi.

The cooperation target is to make the awesome ARM-based chipset in the future.


iPhone was a little surprised because they became the pioneer of ARM-based chipsets, namely Bionic, which was embedded in their gadgets and could not be separated from Samsung’s role.

The chipsets they made are inseparable from the co-work with Samsung which helped the development of early-generation chipsets, namely by integrating ARM-based processors, graphics processing units. These are now known as the SoCs.

What’s interesting is that the SoC A series, which is the mainstay of the iPhone, is now produced by Samsung and TSMC.

Because when the A8 series Apple gave its design for TSMC production.

That’s where Samsung is no longer intimate with Apple, they divorced.

The producing was held by TSMC until the Apple A12 design used the 7nm FinFET process, then the A13 appeared again and finally the A14 chipset was built with a 5nm fabrication which is still being produced by TSMC, this last chipset is embedded in the iPhone 12 series.


Observing the current tough iPhone with the ARM chipset it built, Samsung also invited Xiaomi to provide a new chipset for their cellphones using the architectural design of the mobile CPU manufacturer, ARM, namely Cortex-X2.

In spite of the cooperation hasn’t been settled by Xiaomi and Samsung, it is a hot gossip. Because of the scarcity of semiconductor chip production, the two vendors joined forces and made better chips.


Google pixel has also done this. According to rumors, they are working on the ‘Whitechapel’ SoC, it seems that there will be many cellphone vendors producing their chipsets so what will happen to Mediatek and Qualcomm?

Moreover, Samsung itself has introduced the Exynos 2100 chipset, integrated 5G and 5nm EUV technology, the octa-core CPU on the Exynos 2100 in the form of an Arm Cortex-X1 (2.9GHz) with a tri-cluster structure.

The GPU with the latest chip uses the Arm Mali-G78. Of course, this chipset is not intended for Xiaomi, but will be used by their flagship cellphones so that they can still compete with the iPhone.