iPhone 14 Series: Will it come with A16 chip and lower price than iPhone 13?

Although the iPhone 13 has just been released, there are more news about the iPhone 14.

According to the news, next year’s iPhone 14 will not only continue to improve the configuration, lower the price, but also cancel the notch.

If this information is true, next year’s iPhone 14 may be more worth the wait.

It is understood that the iPhone 14 will no longer have a small-screen version, so this year’s 13 mini will also become the swan song of the small-screen iPhone.


Therefore, the entry-level iPhone 14 will be cheaper, and it will also start with a 128GB capacity. If the news is true, I think the iPhone 14 will be out of stock more easily.

In terms of performance, the latest generation of A16 chips will use a 4nm process, and with the new iOS 16 system, the operating experience of the iPhone 14 will be significantly improved.

In addition, iPhone 14 will also achieve a high refresh rate of 120hz.