Xiaomi Mi 11 has a major update of MIUI 12.5 enhanced edition: New accessibility adaptation

On September 8, Xiaomi Mi 11 ushered in a major update of the MIUI 12.5 enhanced version, which comprehensively improved the fluency of the mobile phone and reduced the power consumption of the mobile phone.

In this update, the MIUI 12.5 enhanced version is based on the scene-based intelligent computing power scheduling mechanism, which improves the fluency of all mobile phone models.


This time, the MIUI 12.5 enhanced version has a lot of updates, in addition to updating the security patches of the mobile phone system to improve system security.

It also optimizes and repairs more than a dozen built-in functions such as notes, contacts, text messages, clock, calculator, screen time management, photo album, weather, screen recording, voice recorder, calendar, game acceleration, mobile phone butler, memo, etc. Some new functions have been added.

In this update, the “Calculator” function has added a barrier-free adaptation of the select all and cancel buttons on the history edit page. Added barrier-free adaptation of the return button in the conversion page.

The “Album” function is newly added to rename the screenshots, and the voice assistant can be used to search for pictures in the album.

This update optimizes and fixes the “Mi Data Moving” function.

It optimizes the data migration of Xiaomi data moving, and the speed of loading pictures when entering the album.

It fixes the crash problem in some scenes of Xiaomi replacement.

It fixes the problem of getting stuck when migrating data in some scenarios.

It fixes the problem that the occasional dual-open application cannot migrate data.

It fixes the problem that the old and new devices cannot be connected when the dual WLAN is accelerated.