Xiaomi smart home set: add intelligent color to life!

The emergence of the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit has also brought some earth-shaking changes to the technology industry. Many friends like the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit. The original intention of the lovelies in the curiosity of the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit. How to become a smart home, because the Xiaomi smart home package includes careful care and intelligent control of the home, which is convenient for daily needs.


We have gradually discovered the main products of the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit. The inside is basically these products of different shapes. At first glance, you will feel curiosity. What are these magical little things for? What are the powerful functions? At first glance, I feel that the larger products have powerful functions, including Xiaomi multi-function gateway, Xiaomi human sensor, Xiaomi door, and window sensor, and Xiaomi wireless switch.



A small disk with a MI logo in the white center. When I press it, I find that it can be pressed. It feels like a switch. Yes, the Xiaomi wireless switch is a new type of wireless low-power remote control switch. Move and place arbitrarily. As soon as the doorbell rang, there is someone at home.


The default state of the Xiaomi wireless switch is the doorbell, and there will be a beep when pressed. On the back is the model of the Xiaomi wireless switch, battery model, etc., which can be unscrewed appropriately to replace the battery. In fact, in addition to the doorbell, this smart switch can also control the switch of smart products such as smart lights and Xiaomi air purifiers. There are also limitations. There is a certain distance limit to make a doorbell. We look forward to more functions in the later period.


Xiaomi human body sensor, this small device should not be underestimated. It can sense objects passing by within the recognition range. When you pass by its measuring area, it will activate your subsequent settings according to the scene you set. The human body sensor uses infrared principles to detect the movement of people or pets in the surrounding environment. Low power consumption, tool-free installation, the application of adhesive stickers can be placed or pasted at the desired position.


The working temperature of the Xiaomi human sensor is -5°C-+35°C, and the battery life is greater than or equal to 2 years, which is sufficient for ordinary home users. There is a reset button on the side and a corresponding indicator light inside. Users can set relevant parameters according to Mijia APP.


The Xiaomi door and window sensor can trigger the customization of the doorbell or switch at the same time, and it also divides the different customized actions of a single click and doubles click. This switch can also be defined with multiple click actions. For example, the devices I’m currently connected to include smart lights, smart sockets, etc., and paste it on the door of the room to click to turn on or off all these devices, reducing Many unnecessary operations that can be done in one action.


The Xiaomi door-window sensor uses the departure and approach of the magnetic sensor in the two components to trigger the opening and closing signals to sense the opening and closing status of the doors and windows, so as to achieve the role of intelligent anti-theft. At the same time, there are indicator lights and reset operations. The Xiaomi door-window sensor senses the status of the door and window through the proximity and separation of the sensor body and the magnet. It is also low power consumption, tool-free installation, and installation and uses through adhesive stickers.


As shown in the picture above, it is the heavyweight of the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit. The multi-function gateway of the Xiaomi Smart Home is a small device manager that can transmit and receive signals. It belongs to the core hardware of the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit. The design and quality have nothing to say. It is small and flexible. The appearance is densely covered with many sound holes and illuminance sensing areas. The soundholes are scattered in word order, cluttered and not chaotic, and visually beautiful.


The three-wire connector on the back of the multifunctional gateway supports a wide voltage of 100~240V, and there are many heat dissipation holes on the back to ensure that the heat generated by the long-term LED can be dissipated in time. The ring-shaped white frosted light in the middle is a colored lamp, which can display status and lighting, color and brightness, and can be adjusted and set accordingly on the phone.


On the top of the Xiaomi smart home multi-function gateway, there is a button to press. Depending on the number of times, it also has different functions. There are corresponding instructions in the specific operating instructions. Xiaomi integrates the color-changing light strip and speakers into the gateway, which makes its multifunctional gateway not only a control center but also a night light and warning (sound + color) function. Add color to the dark night!

The Xiaomi Smart Home Kit really brings a distinctive color to our lives. As the first step for a smart home, let us better understand the charm of technology! The products of Xiaomi Smart Home Kit are exquisite and compact. Through wireless connection and Mijia APP, they play the role of each door and window sensor, human sensor, wireless switch, and other products. It can also be paired and connected with some smart products to open a new era of a smart home! By the way, a small suggestion is how to replace the battery of the product and whether there is a purchase of its model battery; increase the recognition of the distance length, expand the distance, and make the induction easier! Finally, I hope Xiaomi can retail new products that add more functions to small accessories, just to make our era of smart technology more exciting!