Can you believe that the Amazon Echo Show 8 camera can chase you?

Amazon updated two of its smart display series and added a children’s version to one of them. First of all, Echo Show 8 is equipped with a 13MP wide-angle lens, which can move with you by cropping the screen. This is of course not as powerful as the Echo Show 10 can follow you, but as long as you stay roughly in front of it, it doesn’t matter if you move it left or right. Echo Show 8 also has an auto-coloring screen, an 8-core processor, and stereo speakers.


As for the Echo Show 5, the upgrade rate is relatively small, but the camera has become 2MP, which is naturally aimed at the increasingly popular video chat. As for its children’s version, it is almost the same in appearance, but it comes with a one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription and a new warranty within 2 years. All three models have physical lens shades to protect privacy. You can also use Show 5 or Show 8 as a monitor at home through the Alexa app.


Pre-orders start from May 13, and shipments are expected in June. Echo Show 8 is priced at US$130, the same as the previous generation, while Echo Show 5 is reduced by US$5 to US$85. The children’s version is of course a bit more expensive, coming to US$95.