Canon PV123 portable printer: Photos can also turn as stickers!

Although everyone tends to save photos on computers, mobile phones or upload them to social networks, and rarely print them out in photo albums, I still feel that physical photos that can be held in hand can still be given to us a special feeling that makes us cherish this photo and the moment it was taken. For example, if we meet an interesting person on our journey, we can print a photo with him as a souvenir, which has a different meaning than simply sending it over the Internet. So today, I’m going to give you a good item that can print photos at any time: Canon PV123 portable printer!




From the appearance point of view, the overall size of the Canon PV123 printer is very lightweight, and it feels very close to a mobile power bank when held in hand. This kind of size and weight will not cause too much burden.

As a portable printer, Canon PV123 uses a rechargeable lithium battery and uses Bluetooth to connect to a mobile phone, so there is no power supply and data cable needed during the printing process, which is very travel-friendly! At the same time, Canon PV123 can print almost 20 photos on a single charge, which is just a box of negatives, and the battery life is still quite good.




The printing port of Canon PV123 is set at the bottom of the body, and it uses 2×3 inch ZINK exclusive negative without ink (20 sheets in a box). Not only the printing speed is fast, but the printed photos will not fade due to friction. 



As for the printed effect, if you print it directly through Canon PV123 without any pre-retouching, the color of Canon PV123 photos will be brighter and the contrast will become higher, so it is recommended to do some retouching before printing. Fortunately, Canon PV123’s supporting App is not too difficult to use, so this shouldn’t be a problem.


And the printed photos can also be directly printed out as stickers! It is very convenient whether you want to stick it on the wall, on the calendar, or in the diary, and it saves a lot of tapes.


In fact, as a portable printer, we will not be too demanding of its print quality. After all, there are restrictions on appearance and negative. Therefore, for Canon PV123 we value the portability and ease of use it brings. From the point of view of portability, the body of Canon PV123 is not too big, and it does not require an external power supply and supports wireless printing. It is very travel-friendly. It is highly recommended that everyone take it out when traveling!