Can’t wait! iOS 15 released by Apple at WWDC 2021 will greatly upgrade iMessage

According to MacRumors, from various signs, at the upcoming WWDC 2021, Apple may focus on the iMessage application, accompanied by the major updates of iOS, iPadOS, and other systems. Apple’s instant messaging app iMessage will also usher in an epic upgrade.


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman once said that iOS 15 will be a major upgrade to iMessage. Specifically, it will add new features such as automatically reply to specific messages, do not disturb mode, and sleep mode.

iMessage currently has an automatic reply function, but it is only available in driving mode. After this update, users can set automatic reply content for specific messages. In addition, this update also includes some unique notification features, such as setting iMessage to do not disturb and sleep mode, new message notifications will no longer disturb users.


It is worth mentioning that some media have previously discovered that Apple is testing withdrawing messages internally and editing sent messages. Although the degree of Apple’s final upgrade to iMessage at the WWDC 21 conference is still uncertain, a large amount of evidence currently shows that the protagonist of this conference will be iMessage.