Cheaper than Redmi, DJI Mini SE drone is coming!

DJI recently quietly launched the brand new DJI Mini SE drone on Malaysian e-commerce companies, which is the smallest civilian drone model of the brand, weighing only 249g.

The price of this drone in Malaysia starts at approximately CNY2100 and includes a controller, a variety of accessories and spare propellers.

The overall appearance of the product is similar to that of DJI Mini 2, all of which are folded and equipped with a gimbal camera on the front.

In terms of parameters, DJI Mini SE has a longest battery life of up to 30 minutes, an image transmission distance of up to 4 kilometers, and supports visual + GPS hovering functions.

The drone is equipped with a three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal, a camera with 12 million pixels, and can shoot 2.7K resolution videos.

For newcomers to drones, the drone supports multiple presets of gradual distance mode, skyrocketing mode, surround mode and spiral mode, and it can automatically calculate the aerial route with one click.

The drone provides a stable flight mode, which is convenient to improve the control accuracy and ensure the composition effect.

DJI MINI SE can also be equipped with a two-way charging butler, which can hold three batteries for continuous shooting.

The product also supports being used as a mobile power source to charge mobile phones.

In addition, DJI also provides a variety of accessories and backpacks to expand usage.

This drone can be equipped with a blade protection cover, which is convenient for flying indoors and prevents the risk of injury.