Drone DJI FPV with Cyberpunk style is coming!

The drone brand DJI officially released its new product DJI FPV today. This is a set of drone products that fly and shoot from a first-person perspective. The picture shot by the drone can be shown to the user through the matching DJI Goggles.


DJI defines FPV as a brand-new drone product, which can carry out aerial photography like a traditional drone and can also have the speed and passion of a traversing machine. DJI FPV has a rather sci-fi shape. Unlike traditional drones, its camera is located above the rack. This design is closer to a traversing machine.


DJI stated that the design concept of this product is simple enough, realistic enough, fast enough, and exciting enough. Compared with the traversing machine, it does not require DIY accessories, it can fly immediately, the maximum speed can reach 140km/h, the longest overhang time is 16 minutes, and the longest flight time is 20 minutes.


What is matching with DJI FPV is the DJI Goggles, which is full of cyberpunk style. Through the connection with the drone, it can display the pictures taken during the flight of the drone to the user in real-time. The screen refresh rate inside the DJI Goggles reaches 144Hz, which enables high-definition image transmission. When N is worn, it needs to be connected to DJI’s specific battery to provide power. The farthest transmission distance of the drone and DJI Goggles is up to 10km, and the delay is as low as 28ms.


DJI FPV has two control methods, one is the commonly used controller, and the other is through the motion controller. DJI optimized the controller this time. The right motion controller is responsible for speed, and the left motion controller is responsible for height and steering, making it easier for users to control.


Through the motion controller, you can control the drone with one hand. The wrench at the bottom controls the speed, and you can change the direction by gently shaking the motion controller.

DJI FPV has the built-in normal mode, sports mode, and advanced manual mode. Novices are suitable for normal mode, and safety is guaranteed, while some masters can try advanced manual mode to fly out of the tricks of the traversing machine.

In terms of safety, the lower part of the FPV is equipped with a binocular vision system, which takes effect in real-time in normal mode. When obstacles are recognized, the drone will slow down instead of braking. In different modes, FPV has a one-button control to stop and return to the hovering state at the fastest speed.

DJI FPV can shoot 4K 60 frames, the maximum bit rate reaches 120Mbps, and it also has an anti-shake function. In this way, DJI FPV can perform aerial photography like a traditional drone.

In order to take care of novices, DJI has also launched a simulator to help novices perform simulation exercises on their smartphones. After they are proficient, they can operate the new machine to further reduce the probability of crashes.



DJI also launched the DJI Care service for new products. You can enjoy VIP services such as fast renewal, worry-free for drone water intake, multiple replacements, and two-way free mail. The last thing is the price. The DJI FPV package includes the drone, DJI Goggles, and controller, and the price is ¥7,999. The motion controller needs to be purchased separately, and the price is ¥999. The one-year DJI Care is priced at ¥1,199, and the two-years DJI Care is priced ¥1999. New products are available on DJI’s official website, flagship stores, and authorized dealers.