Check those pens that are very suitable for the common writing

For those who like to do writing, writing is equivalent to an art. Having a hand commonly used pen will let you make the process more handy.

Signo UM-100 Bullet Neutral Pen




The appearance of the pen holder is minimized to the extreme, with a clear engraving of the pen core and distinct concave and convex feeling. The pen head is made of stainless steel, and the Twin-ball design ensures smooth writing.


Handshake is with near triangular design, in line with the habit of holding pen, anti-slip ensures good grip.

2 Kuretake mark pen


The double-color marker has 24 colors to choose from, and each color is subdivided into two shades, so there are 48 colors in total. The plastic body of the marker is lighter to hold, and you won’t feel tired after long time use.When you use this pen, you will find that the color of this pen is more vivid than the ordinary pen, and the ink is more smooth.Plus, it doesn’t have a pungent smell, so it gives you a solid safety.


3、Mildliner mark pen


This highlighter is also a two-end design and comes in a variety of colors.However, this pen is more suitable for Bush and has a light color, which makes it ideal for handbook decoration.


4 Monami fiber pen


It’s a common pen that you can use to create a lot of fancy things, and it comes in a lot of colors.You can also take notes with this pen, which is just as good for writing as a neutral pen.


The pen is made of fiber, and you can adjust the line thickness from 0.3mm to 1mm depending on how you hold the pen. It is a “flexible” pen.