Share My EDC-Practicability First

This is the first time for me to share my EDC(Every-Day-Carry), I am prefer not carrying a bag and the less the better for my carring stuff, which is kinda impossible.

Therefore, I will choose a relatively close-fitting, backpack and strive to carry only the necessarities.


NIID’s second generation crossbody bag is the main small backpack for me to go out easily at present. Its function is similar to that of a small Fanny pack, but the shape of the special partition makes it more attractive than a small Fanny pack. In autumn and winter, I wear an extra coat outside, which makes it look like going out without a backpack.

The main reason why I like it is that it is thin enough. I believe that no boy can resist the comfort brought by thin.Although it is not square, it is not a problem to fit an iPad Air into it. All the items in the picture will not feel cumbersome. It is still thin and can be packed without feeling, which completely meets my needs.


iPhone 12 ProMax – Apple Watch S6 – AirPods 2, I believe there is no more introduction needed.


As a card magic fan, I used to carry a deck of cards with me when I went out, especially when I was thinking about problems. Having a deck of cards in my hand is just like someone turning a pen or smoking, which is conducive to my thinking.

As electronic devices become more and more powerful, it feels like there are fewer and fewer opportunities to write, but I’m still a bit old-fashioned and still prefer to write by hand


PARKER City was my first pen, the iconic arrow and quill clip, and the unique sexy waist of The city series and all metal body improve the texture


My EDC is mainly light daily. After all, a mobile phone can handle most of the work.If you have to carry a laptop out, of course, you have to use a backpack.


The Mandarina Duck backpack  can hold my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro at the same. The reason I like it is that it has two separate storing areas, which can make everyting tidy, you will waste no time to find the thing you need.


Here is my EDC, I alwys feel happy on sharing EDC. Everyting kept in your backpack has been with you going through all the time, recording the memory of your own.And that is why I like to record and share the EDC.

What’s your EDC? Leave a comment if you want to share.