Pilot Elite 95s-Elegant and portable Japanese pen

I have bought my LAMY 2000 for several years, and I have been using it for writing all these years. It is extremely smooth and easy to write. However, the German pens are thick, and I bought the  F tip instead of the EF tip, so It is a little uncomfortable to take notes in books. For this reason I bought the Pilot Elite 95s.


At just 12cm in length, the Elite 95s fits comfortably in your pocket.Of course, I kept it in my bag because I had dropped my pen before.


You need to buckle the cap when you use it, otherwise it’s too short and people with big hands can’t hold it.


The Elite 95S differs from the minimalist look of the LAMY 2000, it has distinct curves and finishes, especially the Burgundy ones, which are particularly elegant.



What I bought was a suit with an ink cartridge. Although the cartridge is convenient, there are fewer colors to choose from.



The pen tip of the Elite 95S is also very distinctive and looks more in tune with the body.I’ve bought Kaweco AL Sport before, but the grip is so thin and my hands are so large that the experience of writing is not as good and may be it is more suitable for people with smaller hands.Finally, Elite 95S is more suitable for me.



For taking notes, this pen is matched with ink from Pilot series, titled “Yu-Yake,” which is markedness enough to draw notes. I bought an EF tip, so the strokes are very thin and suitable for small print and annotation.But there is no ink unsmooth and paper scratching because of the thin tip. The Elite 95S EF tip has a great experience with writing even for daily writing.