Check out the Kinbor Disney Mickey Adventure Notebook Gift Set

Gift box packaging: The dark red gift box is very textured, with Mickey logo and Disney logo printed on the front and brown magnet buckle. The gift box is cardboard, its lid can stand up, it is also great as a storage box, which can be used twice.




The gift box contains a notebook, a pen, three ink sacs, two rolls of washi tape, three bookmarks, a brooch, a large sticker, and three small stickers. 

The front of the book jacket is made of canvas material, which is stain-resistant and easy to take care of. The main color of the front is brown, decorated with patch embroidery and craft printed text badge patterns, and the style is retro and lively. The back of the book jacket is made of blue-green PU material with fine wiring. There are four card slots on the left side of the back, which can be used to store small objects such as cards, bills, stickers, etc., for easy carrying. The lower right corner of the back of the book jacket is printed with the Mickey Mouse hand pattern and the Disney logo. It feels very smooth. There is no need to worry about getting dirty.


The inside page of the notebook is 80 grams of writing paper, there is a self-filling annual calendar, punching plan, monthly plan, daily plan, and tearable pages. The paper is very thick, and the writing is very smooth, you don’t need to worry even writing with a pen, which basically will not penetrate.



A super textured pen, the red shell is very beautiful, with the Disney logo printed in the middle, it is so easy to write, it can be used as a daily learning pen without scratching paper at all. The EF-tip pen writes smoothly and fluently, the thickness is appropriate, and the ink is not easy to break, suitable for daily use. A bit similar to a normal gel pen 0.5mm



Other accessories: retro cute Mickey stickers, personalized palm bookmarks, and super cute shapes. This brooch reminds me of Disney’s surroundings. It is so cute. The quality of washi tape is very good, these patterns are very suitable for pulling strips or cutting out to decorate on notebooks and other things.