Xiaomi has launched the 15-inch high-end Mi Notebook Pro 15, featuring strongest 3.5K OLED panels

In addition to the MIX Fold folding mobile phone, Xiaomi also launched the new high-end Mi Notebook Pro 15 and Pro 14. Among them, the Pro 15 mainly focuses on the 3.5K resolution OLED panel that is rarely seen on the market. This 16:10 panel has a brightness of 600 nits, a density of up to 261ppi, and can cover 100% of the DCI-3P color gamut. Pro 15 will be launched in two colors, Moon Rock Grey and Crescent Silver, and the appearance is just like a MacBook Pro.

Internally, it is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation 35W standard voltage (H35) i5 or i7 processor, and there is an option of NVIDIA MX450. Xiaomi also said that AMD’s 45W H series processor version is also scheduled to be available in May. In addition to the internal battery with a capacity of 66Wh, Pro 15 also supports 100W fast charging. Of course, Thunderbolt 4 interface and power button integrated fingerprint recognition are available.

The specifications of Pro 14 are all the same as Pro 15, except that the panel uses a 2.5K resolution 120Hz LCD, which is less gimmicky, but it is still a very good specification.

The price of Mi Notebook Pro 15 starts at ¥6,499 for i5 + 16GB + 512GB, and ends at ¥7,999 for i7 + 16GB + 512GB + discrete graphics card, while Pro 14 starts from ¥5,299 for i5 + 16GB + 512GB and ends to ¥6,999 for i7 + 16GB + 512GB + discrete graphics card.