Mijia negative ion quick-drying hair dryer: the length is only as long as a lipstick


Xiaomi released a new home product-Mijia Negative Ion Quick-drying Hair Dryer H300, with features such as 9.5cm ultra-short body, 20m/s ultra-high wind speed, 50 million negative ions, and 57°C intelligent constant temperature.

The body of the Mijia Negative Ion Quick-drying Hair Dryer is only 9.5cm as long as a lipstick. The surface is sprayed with UV hand-feel lacquer, which is delicate and smooth to touch.


It draws on the principles of aircraft engines and uses aviation turbine-type 7-blade fan blades to create unique twisted blades and air outlets, which can reduce wind energy loss and effectively increase wind speed to 20m/s.

The built-in sensor can detect the temperature 60 times per second, adjust the air temperature in real time and stabilize it at 57°C, scientifically control the temperature to supplement the hair, and keep the hair healthy and shiny. Support three-speed temperature adjustment and two-speed wind speed adjustment.


The Mijia negative ion quick-drying hair dryer is also equipped with a negative ion generator, which can release 50 million negative ions, which can not only remove static electricity from the hair, smooth frizz, tighten hair scales, but also quickly and gently dry hair to improve hair health.



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