My French kitchen is not only good-looking but also easy to use

General overview:

Kitchen size: 1.7m*3.4m

Kitchen tiles: 600*1200CM

Kitchen countertop: modern-quartz 2CM

Kitchen cabinet door: blue-rubber wood frame “multi-layer board core”

Kitchen cabinet: White-laminate

Bar counter: fish belly white natural marble

Blue cabinets: my semi-open kitchen, which is blue-and-white, as for small household appliances, I tried to choose the same color, my favorite is blue cabinets and marble bar. The drawer type storage is good-looking and practical.

Closet lamp-several light: I forgot to leave the lamp when I designed the cabinet. I saw this hole-free installation, which made up for my small regret. After the installation, the atmosphere is too good, and the preparation of food is also in a good mood. The brightness is very clear and comfortable, the light can be turned on automatically with a wave of the hand, and the brightness can be adjusted. It can also be used as a timer and has a rechargeable battery for a long time.

Steamed oven-Kaidu SKY: starts with good looks and is loyal to strength. When you check in, you will find that steamed dishes are cooked too often. Steamed fish, steamed shrimp, steamed eggs and so on are very suitable for children to eat. I want to go into the same color as the cupboard and watch it for a long time. Finally, I choose this one with the function of oven, normally I bake sweet potato, chicken leg and steak. Nothing is more important than efficiency.