Time-saving and labor-saving cleaning and mopping, three-in-one iDEEBO T80 washing floor machine


By chance, I met iDEEBO wireless smart scrubber, which ushered in a new life. Household wet and dry vacuum cleaner and mopping machine, this is the best partner to reduce labor intensity. Domestic garbage, peel paper scraps, and stubborn stains cannot be cleaned with low-intensity cleaning. With the all-in-one mopping machine, it is more thorough to wash and then mop, and the vacuum is convenient and flexible. Do not wash the mop after cleaning. The washing machine self-cleans with one button to ensure clean, tasteless, time-saving, and labor-saving. This is the real lazy artifact.


The product name is printed on the packaging box, and the white box shows that it is a burgundy washing machine.


When you open the box, the first thing you see is the washing machine manual. The various accessories are neatly stacked, and there are carton protection around it. The shock absorption and fall resistance are relatively in place, and the product is not easy to damage during transportation.


A full set of accessories, including the main body of the Eddiebao cleaning machine, charging base, handle control components, water purification tank, sewage tank, brush, floor cleaning kit, manual, etc. The accessories are very complete and abundant, and the commonly used cleaning brushes are already standard, all of them are ready to use.


Large-capacity double water tanks, clean water tank capacity 680mL, sewage tank capacity 450mL, greatly reducing the number of times of pouring and adding water during use, a single cleaning area is larger, and the purified water and sewage are separated to avoid secondary pollution.


HERA filter, there is also a HERA filter at the top of the sewage tank to prevent large particles from being sucked into the fan and affecting the operation of the machine. The filtration level of the HERA filter is very high. When cleaning the sewage tank, please wash it and dry it to prevent clogging.


For separate transportation, the handle control component and the host are separated. The installation is very simple. Insert it into the hole and it’s finished. There is a card slot under the handle to connect with the host, and there is a hole under the handle that can be pulled out with a toothpick.


The clean water tank with a capacity of 680mL, this capacity can clean a house of more than 100 square meters at a time, there is no problem. Some people will ask why the capacity of the clean water tank is larger than the capacity of the sewage tank, because some of the water will humidify the ground, so the sewage tank The larger water tank of Eddiebao, which is slightly smaller and fully capable, save trouble.



The clean water tank is easy to disassemble and assemble. The water tank can be aligned with the notch of the fuselage and pushed down. After installation, the bottom is snapped together and there is no need to worry about water leakage.

The washing machine is designed with a removable battery, using imported Samsung lithium batteries, with excellent performance and strong power, with a capacity of 4900mAh. The super-large capacity brings long battery life can wash the floor many times.


The advantage of the wireless washing machine is that it can not be restricted by the cable, and the home sanitation is relatively scattered. Compared with the previous wired washing machine, the lithium battery power supply is not a little portable.


The combination of the battery pack module and the host is very simple. Put it into the battery card slot and push it up slightly. When you hear a click, you can install it in place. When removing, press the buttons on both sides of the battery down.


The scrubber is equipped with two flexible rear support wheels. The roller brush is driven by the motor to rotate to generate a forward driving force. The rear wheels can also control the direction. The scrubber pushes forward for cleaning and sanitation. It only needs a very light force. It can be flexibly controlled, the handle control component can be turned left and right, which is convenient to control the cleaning direction. The design principle is ingenious and ingenious, which greatly reduces the burden of female friends in hygiene.


Both the battery and the charging base support the direct input of the charger. The self-cleaning function must work when the base is powered. The design principle should be to consider saving battery power.


The DC30V charger has an output current of 800mA, and it takes about 6 hours to fully charge a whole battery.


I roughly sorted out the working principle of the floor scrubber. The first is the water purification and sewage separation system. The clean water is pressed into the bottom drum by a pump to clean the ground, and then the fan generates negative pressure and is sucked into the sewage tank. The scrubber is also designed with a vacuum dust-proof cover, which has a large suction power and can suck more thoroughly. It is easy to suck smaller particles into the sewage tank while scrubbing.


The roller brush is easy to disassemble and clean, and the roller brush can be pulled out by turning it counterclockwise with a gentle touch of the hand. The design is very reasonable.


Soft-bristled roller brush, the fiber of the roller brush is soft and water-absorbent. There are some slightly harder bristles in the middle of the roller brush. It can be rotated at high speed to brush the stains in the small gaps. The roller brush is also a wearable material and wears for a long time. It can be replaced later.


The bottom distribution of the scrubber is relatively clear, and the integration of several major system distribution specifications is relatively reasonable. The main components are roller brush, guide wheel, ultraviolet lamp, infrared sensor, small roller and soft rubber scraper.


Ultraviolet rays kill germs. There is a UVC ultraviolet lamp at the bottom of the scrubber, which can sterilize without poison, allowing the doll to crawl freely and walk barefoot, which is healthier and safer.


The ultraviolet lamp in the working state emits light, and the characteristics of UVC quickly kill all kinds of bacteria. It is often used in the sterilization of hospital canteens. The intelligent scrubber has its own UVC ultraviolet sterilization function. It is very effective for households with pets. It works in the scrubber. The sterilization function is automatically turned on at the time, and germs can be killed without using disinfectant. The ultraviolet light tube emits 254nm wavelength for physical sterilization, which is safe and efficient. At the same time, the machine will automatically turn off the UV function when suspended to avoid accidental injury.


The soft rubber squeegee is very similar to the glass squeegee, and its basic principles and functions are basically the same. The squeegee can wipe off most of the water stains when there is water on the ground. The reason for the quick drying is the squeegee.


The intelligent floor scrubber has high appearance, good shape, and the wine red is very atmospheric, and it matches well with the interior decoration. There are more experiences in using the scrubber for many days. First of all, the scrubber greatly saves time and reduces labor intensity. The cleaning speed has been significantly improved, and the overall sanitation situation has improved significantly. In basic daily life, the floor tiles, floors and carpets can be cleaned. The Edible wireless floor scrubber is convenient and flexible, with a total weight of 4.3 kg. It can be used easily by young and old. The threshold for learning is very low. With voice reminders, the large-capacity water tank does not need to be frequently filled with water. Large capacity, battery life, long cleaning time, more functions are the right-hand man in life, if you love her, give her an intelligent floor scrubber. In terms of improvement, I hope to introduce cost-effective roller brush consumables to facilitate users to purchase and replace.