Making coffee is easier than drinking coffee! Nestlé capsule coffee machine gift box is launched, it only takes 1 minute to drink a cup of coffee~


Nowadays, many young people like to drink coffee, and they also regard drinking coffee as a fashion, a style, as a daily necessity, but it is too expensive to drink in the store, and it is not as affordable as to make it yourself, so more and more people have set their sights on purchasing a capsule coffee machine, which not only reduces the cost of drinking coffee, but also has the advantage of drinking and making at any time. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. However, in the face of a wide range of coffee machines on the market, which one is more suitable for young people buying? The Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine introduced to you today is a very good choice.


This Nestle Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine is a limited-edition gift box customized by the theme of little prince. The set includes a Minime coffee machine and a limited gift box. According to the official introduction, this coffee machine has won the German IF Award and the Red Dot Award, and it is the “popular role” in the coffee machine industry.


This Minime coffee machine has a mini body, compact and exquisite, no matter where it is placed at home, it does not occupy any space; equipped with smart technology, it can automatically adjust the extraction pressure, the maximum pressure output is 15Bar, and it can achieve 30 seconds of heating and boiling, and 1 minute of extraction , to make drinking coffee more convenient and faster.


In addition, the top of the machine is equipped with a transparent water volume adjustment control strip, 7-level water level is optional, you can control the water volume according to your own taste, the coffee concentration is controlled by yourself, and the 3-level adjustable tray can easily adapt to any cup shape. The design is thoughtful;

The integrated milk froth design can automatically froth milk without cleaning, which saves time. Select ground coffee, pressurized and sealed capsules to lock the aroma of coffee and bring a better drinking experience.