On February 14 this year, making a cake yourself to celebrate Valentine’s Day is more meaningful!


(A) Cocoa cake: 5 egg yolks, 4 egg whites, 20g caster sugar (into egg yolk), 50g caster sugar (into egg white), 40g melted butter, 35g low-gluten flour, 5g cocoa powder

(B) Syrup: 15 grams of caster sugar, 30 grams of hot water, 20 grams of rum

(C) Banana burned with flame wine: 1 banana, 15 grams of caster sugar, 15 grams of butter, 5 grams of rum


(D) Chocolate whipped cream: 110 grams of chocolate sauce, 215 grams of whipped cream

How to cook:

1. Weigh the ingredients A, separate the egg white and the yolk, mix the powder through a sieve, melt the butter, and spread greased paper on the baking tray.
2. Add 20g of fine sugar to the egg yolk and beat until the color becomes lighter.
3. The egg whites are added with granulated sugar and whipped until it drips slowly and the texture will not disappear quickly (before wet foaming).
4. Mix the egg yolk and egg white with a manual whisk.

5. Mix the sieved powder into the egg batter, stir or cut and mix evenly.
6. Drizzle the melted warm butter on the spatula and stir into the batter.
7. Slowly pour the batter into the baking pan, smooth it and put it in the preheated oven at 200°C for 15-20 minutes.
8. After mixing 15g of caster sugar with 30g of hot water, air it to room temperature and add rum to make rum syrup.


9. Weigh the chocolate-flavored whipped cream and flame wine to burn the banana raw materials, peel the banana and cut into thin slices.
10. Heat the pot on a low heat, boil the fine sugar to a caramel color and add butter.
11. Add banana slices and mash them during the stir-frying process for convenience.
12. Add rum to ignite and burn to make the banana flavorful (it’s best for men to handle it, and be very careful about safety).

13. Cut the baked cake into three equal widths and equal lengths.
14. Beat the whipped cream until seven to distribute (pick up the tip and drip slowly) and add the chocolate sauce.
15. Whipped to about eight parts (it won’t slip off and make it sticky).
16. Brush the first piece of cake with rum syrup.


17. Apply chocolate flavored whipped cream.
18. Put the cooled banana burned with flame wine into a piping bag and squeeze it on the whipped cream.
19. Spread the banana fillings so that they are evenly distributed.
20. Spread the third piece of cake, and spread the remaining whipped cream on the five sides (whipped whipped cream can also be used for decoration. I used chopped chocolate bars here. No photos were taken in this step).

21. Make lace biscuits. Prepare raw materials. Low-gluten flour and cocoa powder are mixed and sieved.
22. Melt the butter in water, add fine sugar, stir evenly with honey, add flour and continue stirring.
23. Put in a piping bag and squeeze out the pattern you want, put it in a preheated oven at 180°C, and heat it up and down for 10-12 minutes (baking batter will spread out and form a honeycomb shape with a certain distance) .
24. After baking, take out the baking pan, let it stand for a while, remove it from the baking pan when it is not hard, roll it up gently with a rolling pin, and let it cool completely.