This is a humidifier that babies can use–Mijia Smart Humidifier Pro

The new Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro has a larger 5L super large water tank, a faster 600mL/h humidification speed, and a more advanced triple antibacterial technology.

In addition, a sci-fi OLED screen is added at the top. The water volume, humidity, function and other related information are clear at a glance, which is not only practical but also fashionable.

Placing it in the home enhances the sense of science and technology in the whole home.


The overall design of Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro is still the continuation of the usual simple style, and it is versatile with home furniture, and there is no water mist during the humidification process, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet when used on wooden furniture and floors.


The entire humidifier adopts a detachable split design, which is divided into three parts: the upper body with OLED screen, the water tank with antibacterial filter element and the base with fan blades.


The upper body of the Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro adopts an upper water addition structure, which can directly add tap water from the OLED screen, which is easy and convenient.

The entire water adding area is quite large, making adding water a very easy task.


There are 3 simple control buttons on the side edge of the upper cover, namely: delay, switch, and mode buttons; you can easily set the common functions of the humidifier.


It has a 5L large wide-mouth non-enclosed water tank. In the powerful mode, it accelerates evaporation through the mixing of cold and heat. The rated humidification capacity is as high as 600mL/h. It can increase the humidity of the bedroom in 10 minutes and make the air as fresh as after the rain.

It adopts a detachable split design, which makes the cleaning and storage of the water tank more convenient.


The suspended silver ion antibacterial filter element in the water tank is composed of high-density water-absorbing fibers, which can block impurities in the water and make the air fresher and healthier. The filter element can be cleaned and reused with water, saving the cost of use. In addition, it also uses a non-immersed filter element air-drying technology to reduce the problem of moldy, odor, and bacteria breeding when the filter element is placed for a long time.

To sum up

At present, most humidifiers on the market use ultrasonic humidification technology. If tap water is added, calcium and magnesium elements in the water will be sprayed into the air, causing water mist and dust, leading to a spike in PM2.5.

The Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro simulates natural water evaporation, is pure, fog-free, and does not pick up the water source. It can humidify purely even with tap water.

It uses the method of adding water, which is simple and convenient without bending; equipped with a cool OLED display, the temperature, water volume and other functions are clear at a glance.

The built-in 5L super large water tank, 600mL/h large humidification, can increase the humidity of the bedroom in 10 minutes. After turning on the constant humidity mode, the humidifier automatically monitors the humidity and adjusts the amount of humidification, quiet and lasting moisturizing, without disturbing sleep.

It can also be operated intelligently through the Mijia APP, and the humidifier can also be controlled outside, so that you can embrace the comfortable air when you go home.


In addition, it is also equipped with advanced triple antibacterial technology in the industry, with its sterilization rate and antibacterial rate as high as 99%, bringing a pure, healthy humidification experience.

It is recommended that families with infants, pregnant women, the elderly, patients with rhinitis and other sensitive groups must choose this evaporative humidifier to add a guarantee for the health of the family.