Xiaomi POCO X4/NFC appeared in IMEI database and will be released soon

According to reports, Xiaomi’s mobile phone brand POCO is about to launch two phones in the X4 series. The phone models have appeared in the IMEI database, which means that product development has been completed.

The names of these two phones are expected to be POCO X4 (2201116PI) and POCO X4 NFC (2201116PG).

POCO X4 mobile phone is expected to be launched in India, while POCO X4 NFC is for the global market.

Xiaomi has previously launched the POCO X3 series of mobile phones overseas, including the standard version and the NFC version, X3 GT, and X3 Pro models.


The shape of the X3 GT is very similar to the domestic Redmi Note 10, and other models are similar to the Redmi Note 9 series.

At present, more parameters of the POCO X4 series mobile phones have not been exposed, and the release date and appearance of the mobile phones still need to wait for official news.