Xiaomi AX6000 router evaluation: Is WiFi6 The Real Top-Class Item?

Preface: Xiaomi AX6000, upgrade or downgrade?

Many years ago, the Xiaomi router was synonymous with “low quality”, but the previous generation of Xiaomi AX3600 router, with its good performance and cost-effectiveness, has regained the fame back, and it can be said to promote the popularity of WIFI6. This time the Xiaomi AX6000 is still just released by the previous generation. The price of 599, with a 2.5G network cable interface (this is a big controversy), is known as 6000M speed (double speed than the AX3600), how about the effect, Here we go!


Compared with AX3600, Xiaomi AX6000 is mainly upgraded with a 2.5G network port (faster intranet transmission) and a faster 5G WIFI speed. There are also controversies about the Xiaomi AX6000, that is, from the SoC, the performance seems to be slightly weaker than the previous generation (OTA overclocking version).

What is WiFi 6?

On October 4, 2018, the WiFi Alliance announced that it would rename the next-generation WiFi technology 802.11AX to WiFi 6.

802.11ax=WiFi 6

802.11ac=WiFi 5

802.11n =WiFi 4


Open the box: It’s dark and big…

From the outside, the appearance of the Xiaomi AX6000 is basically similar to the previous generation.


It can be seen that the package of AX6000 says that it supports WIFI6 (supporting 160MHz), in the meantime supporting 4K QAM and Mesh networking.


With this AX6000 router, it is relatively easier to match the Xiaomi products’ family (automatic detection, fast connection).


The impression when I first got it was a big one, which seemed to be longer than the enterprise router I used.


Accessories: a charger, a manual, and an ultra-short network cable.


Get a feel for the size of the Xiaomi AX6000 compared to the Xiaomi remote control.


Xiaomi AX6000 is equipped with 6 high-gain antennas and 1 AIoT smart antenna. The 7 antennas are domineering, of course, the purpose is mainly to strengthen the signal.


The antenna in the middle position has an LED light, which can display color when working.


In the middle, there are two status lights.


As a generation of flagship routers, Xiaomi AX6000 is also very particular about materials, with a champagne gold metal line inlaid on the top, which has a good texture.


The lower right corner of the front highlights the big selling points of WIFI6 and 4K QAM. The color scheme is the same as that of the metal strips. They are all gold, and the grade is higher than ordinary plastic.


In terms of interfaces, it is equipped with a thousand-yuan 2.5G high-speed interface and three LAN ports, which can meet the needs of most people.


There are heat dissipation holes at the bottom and around, and the bottom is designed with a non-slip heightening pad.


Summary: Judging from the appearance design, this Xiaomi AX6000 is indeed a flagship level. Of course, the only thing that makes me a little entangled is that it is slightly larger and not easy to put in a weak battery box.

Connection & WI: intuitive and convenient
Turn on the router, connect your mobile phone or computer to its WIFI, you can set it up in three steps, which is very convenient


The main interface is very simple, you can see how many devices are connected to 2.4G and 5G, so as to control.


In the WIFI setting, there is a WIFI dual-frequency in one function, which becomes 1 WIFI after it is turned on, and the connection can be automatically adjusted.


At the same time, Xiaomi AX6000 has MIMO function and ALOT smart antenna scanning and smooth connection function, which can quickly connect to Xiaomi devices. For Xiaomi users, the control is relatively more convenient.


Performance test: signal, network speed, delay

Network: Wasu Broadband 100M

Router: Xiaomi AX6000, comparison routing: Youku Gigabit routing

Test items: signal strength, network speed test, delay test

Test terminal: iPhone6/Meizu 16s (support WIFI5, not support WIFI6), iPad Pro2020 (support WIFI6)


The red triangle is the location of the router.

2.4G WIFI signal strength: It can be seen that the Xiaomi AX6000 has always been maintained at -55dbm, while the Youku router has severe signal attenuation at the BC point, which drops to -60dbm, and the wall penetration performance is good.


5GWIFI signal strength: At points, C and D, where the situation is complex, the 5G signal strength of Xiaomi AX6000 has also been significantly attenuated to -80dbm, but Youku’s 5GWIFI can no longer connect


2.4G WIFI network speed measurement: Select point C in the general network environment and compare it with iPad Pro2020. Youku route download is about 20M, Xiaomi AX6000 can be stabilized at 50M. After repeated actual testing of iPhone6/Meizu 16s, the results are similar. So on 2.4G WIFI, Xiaomi AX6000 is much better than Youku router in internet speed.


5G WIFI speed test: The same is to choose the C bathroom to simulate daily life. The 5Grouted by Youku can no longer be connected, while the Xiaomi AX6000 can run at 100M, and the effect is obvious.


In terms of network delay: Connecting to 5G WIFI, the nearby point B has a small delay, and the poor signal points C and D have some time delays. Of course, it may also be the reason that it is a Wasu (China Unicom) network. From the demonstration of application , it is stable, which can be referred by you.


Summary on Xiaomi AX6000 router: WIFI6 Top Class Version



Beautiful appearance and excellent design

WIFI signal is super strong, especially 5G WIFI

WIFI transmission speed is fast (whether it is 2.4G or 5G)



Larger size

2.5G port to be optimized

599 price is relatively high-end

I have used many routers before, but the Mi AX6000 is the first WIFI6 router I used. With its super signal and stable and fast signal transmission ability, I am sighed. I should change to WIFI6. It would be better if the size is smaller. OK, the above is my experience of Xiaomi AX6000 WIFI6 routing in the view of an ordinary consumer.