Recommendations of Gel Pens for 2020


The 2020 will soon be over. In the 12 months of 2020, I have gradually transferred to using Japanese pens. Now I will add a list of good pens according to my experience in this year.

Penbel BLN75


The Penbel BLN75 has a pen refill of lRN-5, which is said to rival Mitsubishi’s K6, but in my experience the black version is smoother than the K6, and correspondingly a little thicker

BLN75 is also equipped with a relatively soft rubber sleeve, which makes it more comfortable to hold.

Comprehensive experience (full score: 5)

Appearance: 3

Writing fluency: 4.5

Holding feel: 4

Mitsubishi UMN-155(K6)


The UMN-155 has a refill of Mitsubishi UMR-85N (K6), which is often compared to the BLN75 above. The writing is not as smooth as the BLN75, but it is only slightly less smooth, not by much, and the corresponding writing is slightly thinner.

The appearance is really ordinary.

About comfort level of griping, If you say it’s bad, but its curved of a big piece of anti-skid rubber and a penholder actually feels good;You call it good and it’s really nothing to brag about. 


Comprehensive experience (full score: 5)

Appearance: 2.5

Writing fluency: 4

Holding feel: 3

Zebra JJ15


The Zebra JJ15 is the cheapest of the three, but it still has no trouble in writing smoothly. It’s not as good as the two above, but it’s still far better than the other products.

The JJ15 looks better than the UMN-155, and it has more limited versions than the BLN75

Its rubber is softer than the UMN155, and it is designed to be held in a concave position. The pen holder is also a small clip that similar to a clothespin, which is more convenient.


Comprehensive experience (full score: 5)

Appearance: 3.5

Writing fluency: 3.5

Holding feel: 3.5

These three types of gel pens have their own advantages, do you find one you like above the three or you have your own favorite one?  Come and leave a comment.