JMGO M7 vs GIMI Play Special Edition: Which is the better projector?

The JMGO M7 is a big surprise for anyone who likes portable projectors.But will the it be as good as advertised against all the competition on the market?In fact, the GIMI Play special edition has been enjoying a good market for some time, so today, let’s compare the two products to see which one is the best in the portable projection field.


JMGO M7 offers a further boost to the high image quality of its M series, with the JMGO M7’s brightness currently at 380ANSI and the GIMI Play special edition’s at 210ANSI.It’s safe to say that the extra 170ANSI lumens from JMGO M7 makes it appear brighter in bright environments.


Both products now support automatic trapezoidal correction and intelligent AI voice control.The difference is that the M7 supports TOF, while the GIMI Play special takes 4-8 seconds to focus, so it goes without saying that the M7 does a pretty good job of autofocusing.


A portable projector certainly highlights its portability.Both of the two projectors are doing well, but the M7 is flatter and can be seen as a bigger power bank, while the GIMI Play special looks a bit more boxy.


As a new product, JMGO M7 is better than the GIMI Play special edition in many aspects, and it also has a large curved stand, which can project the picture to the desired place at will. The JMGO M7 also comes with a lens cap to better protect the projector lens.Both of these are missing from the GIMI Play special edition.