Xiaomi has released a gesture lifting smart desk, change a different posture for a sedentary office life-sideboard singapore

Recently, Xiaomi has released a smart lifting table, this table is different from the past, it not only can adjust the height of lifting, but also can use gestures to adjust freely.


Long-term sitting in office is very harmful, it will lead to insufficient brain blood supply, cervical compression. Alternate office posture can reduce spinal pressure and improve office efficiency.


The new interactive mode allows you to control the height of the table with a single gesture, giving you the superpowers like a magician. You can go from the lowest to the highest in just 19 seconds.


It is equipped with wireless charging function, the phone can be charged by placing on the table, reducing the clutter of power cord interlacing. One click to lock and double click to unlock, one-key lock after change, it ensures efficient office without mistouch.


Also it has equipped with cable storage bag made by Italian felt fabric, the buckle is adjustable for two gears, making messy wire disappear on the desktop, making it much cleaner.


There are two colors available, which are white and walnut that make different styles.