LAMY limited Pikachu pen set

LAMY is a pen manufacturer in Heidelberg, Germany. Its products are colorful and bright fashion styles, excellent industrial design, and have a broad mass base in the hearts of young people. From the most basic hunting collection to the most high-end focus collection, LAMY meets the needs of different groups of people at almost every price point. I’m sure many of you remember the voice in your childhood: “Pikachu!”, smart businesses will not miss such an opportunity, Pokemon Go and LAMY jointly launched the Pikachu package.


This pen box is full of Pokemon-style, the Pokemon ball design makes people immediately back to the world of Pokemon.



What inside the pen case is a pen bag, a Pokeball pen holder, two Pikachu hangings, and a pen.



The two Pikachu pendant ornaments can be fixed to the pen holder, presenting a different shape. You can install or replace it by yourself.


The Tumbler Poke Ball can be used to hold pens. I have to say that this built-in penholder is a very eye-catching design. Of course, it is worth noting that the tumbler will lose its balance if it is hung with a large pendant.



It’s LAMY’s most basic hunting series. Of course, the buyer who is going with appearance and feelings won’t care about the writing feeling of this pen. I think the designers are aware of this, or else they would have replaced the plastic body with the metal shell of the star series. The nib is the plane nib of LAMY General. If you have a special interest in this style and pursue a deeper sense of writing, you can change the nib to a 14K gold nib.