How to save your neck vertebra? ORICO displayer stand will help you

As working in the office for a long time , we have to work behind the deak and stare at the screen for hours. Because the monitor is too short, the center of the monitor can not be with the people’s line of sight flush, staring for a long time on the screen will unconsciously make your head lean forward.


As the picture above, if the neck probe is severe, the curvature of the cervical spine can cause excessive cervical strain, straining the muscles at the back of the neck, causing discomfort and even pain in the neck and shoulders.As time passes, it can make cervical vertebra deform, even affect the blood supply of the brain, with giddy and headache phenomenon occurs. Cervical vertebra deform still can compress nerve to cause arm numbness.

So how to solve this problem?

In addition to the necessary ergonomic chairs and exercises, the computer monitor should also be placed at an ergonomic height. Adjust the height of the monitor so that the upper third of the screen is level with the line of sight, and the horizontal distance should be between 45.7-61.0cm.To achieve this effect, a simple monitor stand can help.So how to choose a strong and durable monitor stand? I recently bought an ORICO monitor height stand that is quite good.




The material of the ORICO displayer stand is made of aluminum alloy. There are two colors, which are gray and silver, and the size is 400*210*60mm.



On both sides are the circular arc chamfer design, the wire collectors are reserved on both sides, which is  very convenient to arrange the wire.


The size of storage space at the bottom is 400mm*60mm, which can put the keyboard in. Push the keyboard inside after work every day to avoid the falling ashes, making the desktop more concise.


The bottom has 4 silicone antiskid pads that makes the stand more stable.