Ultimate question: Choose MacBook or Windows laptop?


1. The materials and workmanship are relatively fine. Its appearance is light and thin, and the color of the screen and the experience of using the touchpad are better than most current Windows laptops.

2. The stable system and good battery life of Mac OS are the biggest advantages. The source of the software on Windows is very confusing, and the computer will be installed with malicious software if it is not too small.

3. People who are not majors in science and engineering do not need exclusive Windows software such as 3D Max; there are exclusive software such as video editing Final Cut Pro on the Mac, which optimizes the entire series of Adobe software.


1. There are many brands of Windows notebooks and there are many opportunities to choose from. The same price configuration is better than Mac, and the number of software is large, and all kinds of 3A games can be played smoothly.

2. Choosing a Mac requires extra time to learn how to use the system, familiar with the system software and operating logic.

Windows can be used directly, the learning cost is almost zero, follow-up win11 also supports Android applications.

My choice:

I will choose MacBook for now. First of all, because it is very light and concise, and has an excellent touchpad experience, and I have no gaming needs, the most important thing is work needs.

But if it were four years ago, Windows laptops might still be chosen.


In general, whether it is a Windows laptop or a MacBook is a tool. When you have a sufficient budget and work and study scenarios are greater than entertainment needs, or you want to have a good system experience, Mac is indeed a good choice.

In addition, you can basically choose a Windows laptop that can be used for three or four years.