ColorOS 12 is here! OPPO autumn conference will be held on September 16

OPPO announced today that it will hold a new product launch event in autumn with the theme “One More Step” at 18:00 on September 16, 2021, Beijing time. ColorOS 12 will be officially unveiled at this new product launch event. In addition to the new ColorOS products, many new hardware devices are expected to be released.

We don’t know what exactly has changed in the ColorOS 12 system, but based on the inertia of OPPO’s new system in the past, we can make some speculations.

The first is that there will definitely be more significant changes in the system interface. Icons and font styles are worthy of our attention.

The presentation of icon animation effects is also worth looking forward to. After all, the popularity of OPPO phones is getting higher and higher.

In view of the high refresh rate, OPPO will definitely have a special dynamic effect optimization, which can maintain a continuous and smooth visual effect on the fast display.

Regarding permissions privacy and data security, it is also expected to be a key function of the ColorOS 12 system.

OPPO has previously launched a special rectification activity in the app store to effectively curb the behavior of non-compliant applications for permissions. The protection of user privacy and security requires all-round technical support in the app market and mobile phone systems.

Privacy data security is a topic that consumers are very concerned about. OPPO is expected to implement more stringent protection measures and functions here.

In addition to the ColorOS system, OPPO’s new products are also expected to be launched here. According to previous news, the new products this time may only focus on smart wearables.

There is no news about new mobile phones, but it does not rule out the launch of customized versions of new phones, and OPPO’s customized models are very worth looking forward to.

OPPO’s Detective Conan limited-edition theme customized products previously launched by OPPO have been sought after by users.