Pricing starts at CNY249! OPPO releases a series of Conan customized products

OPPO has released the Conan customized mobile phones that many users are looking forward to, as well as a series of customized products.

For example, headphones, watches, etc., and the overall effect of customized mobile phones is still very good, at least many netizens like it very much.

There are many products released this time. In addition to the Reno6 Pro+ deep customized Conan version, there are also OPPO Watch 2, OPPO bracelets, OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, OPPO VOOC flash charging power bank 2 Conan elements customization.

In particular, the customization elements of mobile phones are quite powerful.

Let’s talk about the customized version of the mobile phone first. The configuration is a secondary factor. The main point is the embodiment of the customized elements. For example, the back cover of the customized phone uses a new electrochromic process to show Conan’s profile.

In addition, through process upgrades, OPPO mass-produces red electrochromic technology for the first time, speeds up the discoloration reaction, and optimizes the discoloration performance in low-temperature environments, so that the back cover of the mobile phone can switch freely between silver and red.

Of course, the OPPO Reno6 Pro+ Detective Conan limited edition box is also quite interesting.

At the same time, users of this customized mobile phone can use system settings, tap the back shell, or even say Conan’s classic line “There is always only one truth” to Xiaobu’s voice assistant to trigger the color change.

The “dongdong teaser” function based on electrochromic technology, accompanied by pieces of cherry blossoms falling on the screen and Japanese “want to see you”, let the mobile phone convey love and thoughts.

In addition to mobile phones, OPPO Watch 2 Detective Conan Limited Edition is deeply customized based on the newly released OPPO Watch 2 (42mm).

The wristband, bottom case, and charging base are all silk-screened, incorporating elements such as the wheel of fortune, tracking glasses, APTX-4869 capsules and the sleeping Mori Kogoro. At the same time, it is also equipped with a Conan theme storage bag, which is exquisite and practical.

The OPPO bracelet name Detective Conan Limited Edition is based on Ai Yuanai and APTX-4869 capsules.

The bracelet and wristband presents mysteriously transformed chemical element molecules with silk screen technology, which perfectly fits the unique mystery of Huiyuanai. The buckle of the wristband is designed in red and white contrasting colors.

There is also an APTX-4869 capsule-shaped storage bag.

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-cancelling headphones Detective Conan Limited Edition is deeply customized based on the elements of Kai Pi Kidd.

The packaging box is semi-transparent and equipped with a storage bag printed with the word “CONAN” and the head of Kidd.

The charging box also has a screen printing of Kidd’s head, and the side adopts a temperature-sensitive ink color change process. The diamond pattern can appear when heated by the temperature of the finger, which perfectly matches the plot of Kidd stealing gems.

OPPO VOOC Flash Charger 2 Detective Conan Limited Edition is also customized with the character elements of Kaito Kidd, using classic blue and white design and card elements.

At the same time, the Q version of Kaito Kidd’s head is printed on the storage bag (10000mAh capacity, up to 30W bidirectional flashing).