Comparison and evaluation of four popular pet water dispensers!

Because I opened a cat cafe at home, I was also troubled with the food and drinking of cats and the research on daily necessities. Today I will share with you the evaluation of the cat drinking fountain. Drinking flowing, filtered water for the cat is also very good for the cat’s health!

Petkit cat water dispenser (second generation)



1. The 1.2L super large capacity can be enough for cats to drink for a long time, and the outer packaging design is also pretty good.

2. The filtering effect is very good, it can filter the floating hair and impurities in the water cleanly, so that the cat can always drink clean water.


It is too difficult to clean. There are many small components on the bottom of the machine, and there are many dead spots. It is easy to accumulate dirt and the noise is quite loud. You must turn it off at night, otherwise it will be very noisy.

CARA pet water dispenser



1. 1.9L water capacity, the water storage capacity in the water storage tray is also 120ml, which is enough for cats to drink for a day after power failure.

2. The water filterability is also good, it can filter out the impurities in the water very well, and ensure the quality of the cat’s drinking water.

3. There is a small raised fountain device that cats love to play.

4. It is also relatively simple to clean, and there is anti-bite protection at the wire joints, which doubles the safety to prevent cats from getting an electric shock. The level of noise is OK, and you won’t feel very noisy even when you sleep.


Currently only Xiaohongshu is available for sale!

Homerun cat water dispenser (second generation)



1. Water comes out on an inclined surface to prevent cats from getting their chin wet when drinking.

2. It also has a large capacity of 2L, and some water can be stored on the top, which can be used for an emergency when the power fails.

3. The noise control is also very good, almost no sound.


It also has the problem of difficulty in cleaning, there are many dead corners at the bottom, and it is easy to hide dirt.

Petree pet water dispenser



Water comes out on an inclined surface to prevent cats from getting their chin wet while drinking


This is the one that I feel the worst after using it. The water filtration is not very good, and many impurities cannot be filtered clean. The noise is also very loud, it is usually very noisy at home, the price is not very cheap.