No Time to Let Your Cat Drink Water When You Are at Work? Try This Automatic water Dispenser

People always know how to take better care of themselves. However, for the pets in the family, the owner may be everything.In order to urge my cat to drink water, I chose a pet automatic water dispenser, the model is Midea PYS-1500U.


I have two reason for buying it. On the one hand, to ensure that water is always available during my work day when I am not at home, and on the other hand, to filter the water, we should also pay attention to the water quality for pets.



The main color of the YS-1500U is white with a transparent cover around it. The actual height of drinking water is about 14cm.After all, pets don’t drink water the same way like human, and once they drinking, they can spill it all over the place, the hood is to keep it from splashing onto the floor.


The tank has a capacity of 1.5L, which is sufficient for most pets.


The switch is right below the LOGO. PYS-1500u has two water outlet modes, one is continuous water outlet, and the other is intermittent water outlet by every 5 minutes. The indicator light is on both sides of the switch.


The continuous outflow mode can ensure the purity of water quality, because it is always flowing, but in general, intermittent outflow once every 5 minutes is perfectly acceptable.Because there is a low water level detection and automatic power outage and other safety protection functions, so do not worry about when there is no water that makes pump dry burning and other problems.


The filter screen is made of 4 kinds of materials, non-woven cloth, wheat rice stone, coconut shell activated carbon and ion-exchange resin, which can be filtered very clean from impurities or hair of large particles to tiny microorganisms or heavy metals.This should be more than enough for your pet to drink in a healthy way, without worrying about long-term use of dirty water causing urinary stones, or some kidney problems.



UV sterilization function is really good, the base has non-slip pad, it is very stable on the ground.




Work is very busy, and life without pets is monotonous and lonely, so this kind of product is just in time.Now when I am working outside, I don’t have to worry too much about my cat can’t drink enough water.