Comparison of the two generations of Honor V: These are the advantages of Honor V40

Before the end of January, the Honor mobile phone after “Independence” was officially unveiled.

Although the release time of this new product conference has been delayed repeatedly, it still appears in front of the world decisively. The mobile phone is very different from the predecessor Honor V30 in terms of software and hardware and pricing. More importantly, we see Honor the “self-confidence” of the mobile phone after “independence”.


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The places of confidence are:

1. Choose a more recognizable camera module with a bolder design;

2. The color matching is more fashionable and flexible, and no longer adhere to the dark gradient system;

3. The product still focuses on creating excellent image capabilities, which can be seen from the continuation of its own famous RYYB sensor;

4. The starting price of 3599 yuan is more confident! Such pricing is beyond my expectations. After all, this is Honor’s first product after independence. Its pricing is largely related to the pricing tone of other Honor mobile phone products. Originally, people thought that Honor V40 had chosen With MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processor, for the sake of an instant hit, the price may be designed to be less than 3000 yuan, but I did not expect that its final price is 3599 yuan, which to a certain extent shows that Honor has made such a brand new The product is extremely confident.


So, how does its powerful “self-confidence” compare to the previous generation products? What are the features of its product positioning? Today, let’s have a chat!

1. Comprehensive “suppression” of screen quality

Since entering the era of full screens, Honor phones have been a little cautious in the selection of screens. Such “cautiousness” has not only appeared in some of Honor’s entry-level products, but also in flagship phones, but this time the Honor V40 is somewhat “decisive” and brave!



Let’s first talk about the Honor V40’s predecessor-Honor V30 screen parameters: Honor V30 uses a 6.57-inch TFT LCD full screen, the phone supports the traditional 60Hz refresh rate, the screen resolution is 2400×1080, and the screen pixel density is 400ppi. The screen-to-body ratio is 91.46%, with only 96% color gamut saturation (NTSC); the screen parameters of Honor V40 are: 6.72-inch AMOLED full-screen design, support 120Hz high refresh rate + 300Hz touch sampling rate, screen resolution It is 2676×1236 pixels, the screen-to-body ratio is 93.2%, the screen pixel density is as high as 440ppi, and it supports 1.07 billion colors + DCI-P3 wide color gamut.


In comparison, the Honor V40 has formed a “crushing” trend in all aspects of the previous game. Whether it is the color saturation of the screen, the fineness of the screen, and the handiness of the screen, the Honor V40 is already among the current 5G flagship phones. The best.

Of course, Honor V40 has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, and the touch sampling rate is not high. Compared with products of the same type, it is a little bit less interesting. But compared to the Honor V30, it’s already a different relationship.

2. All-round “improvement” of hardware performance

In any case, the current Honor is truly independent, and it will also have a more independent choice in the choice of hardware, especially the core processor. Although it may not be the best choice, this time the Honor V40 chooses MediaTek as the flagship. “– Density 1000+ is enough for its future growth.


In contrast, the choice of the predecessor Honor V30 is not bad, even very strong: its core hardware combination is HiSilicon Kirin 990+LPDDR4X+UFS2.1, such a hardware combination may not be worth mentioning today. But it was still a very good balanced performance combination before, and the choice of Honor V40 this time is only the core Soc has changed, other aspects have not changed: for MediaTek Dimensity 1000 Plus+LPDDR4X+UFS2.1, the comparison of running scores is Dimensity 1000+ is a little bit higher than Kirin 990, which is not particularly obvious but it does improve.


From the perspective of Honor itself, between the extreme hardware performance and the hardware combination that better reflects the balance + low power consumption, the latter may be more in line with its tonality, so there is a hardware combination such as the Honor V40 – Not necessarily the best, but it may be the most suitable for Honor mobile phone products.

I can imagine that people may not be too “cold” with hardware such as Honor V40. This may be one of its “shortcomings”. Of course, if you believe in Honor’s system optimization and hardware tuning capabilities, as well as GPU Turbo The combination of the X graphics acceleration engine and the computing power of the software and hardware collaborative graphics is not a big problem, at least it is in a state of inadequate comparison.

3. Significant improvement in imaging capabilities

Compared with the adaptability of the previous two, the combination and improvement of Honor V40’s image are more obvious. This change is understandable: first, the improvement of image capabilities is felt everywhere in life; second, mobile phones in this era Taking pictures is no longer just about posting to Moments. From the social aspect, taking pictures on mobile phones is related to all aspects!



The hardware parameters of the Honor V30 are as follows: the rear image system is composed of a 40 million pixel super-sensitive lens main camera + 8 million pixels ultra-wide-angle lens + 8 million pixel telephoto lens, which supports 3x optical zoom and 5x Hybrid zoom and 30x digital zoom, and supports electronic image stabilization. Its front camera is a dual-camera combination of 32 million pixels + 8 million pixels. The rear image system of Honor V40 has a parameter of 50 million pixels. Photosensitive main camera + 8 million ultra-wide-angle camera + 2 million macro cameras + laser focus sensor, supports up to 10 times digital zoom, supports electronic anti-shake, the front is 16 million pixels single camera.


From the perspective of sensor parameters, the Honor V40 pays more attention to the resolution of rear cameras and the ability to shoot in all scenes, which can be seen from a top 50 million pixel main camera; and Honor V30 has both rear cameras. Excellent image strength also shows more advantages in selfies. If you have to make a comparison, the full-scene shooting capability of the Honor V30 is not as good as the Honor V40, but it has more outstanding self-portrait capabilities!


But it is clear that the outsole main camera of the Honor V40 not only further enhances its low-light environment shooting capabilities, but also will be more comfortable in daily video production. From a balanced perspective, the Honor V30 is better; from a single image capability, the Honor V40 is improved more obviously.

4. Similarities and differences between charging battery life and other aspects.



In terms of appearance design and color matching, Honor V40, as a new generation of 5G flagship mobile phone, is more “easy” in design style and mobile phone color matching. It not only abandons the dark gradient system of the previous Honor V30 but also has a rear camera module. The more recognizable matrix camera module + the contrasting color system of the dark and light colors on the top is selected, which greatly improves its recognition, while its fashion attributes are greatly improved. Put it this way! The girl will prefer the Honor V40 mobile phone with two light and fashionable colors of rose gold + titanium empty silver.


In terms of the thickness of the body and the comfort of holding, the Honor V40 has also been significantly improved compared to the Honor V30: the latter has a body thickness of 8.9mm, and it is stuffed with a 4200mAh battery supplemented by a 40W fast charge Support, while the former Honor V40 controls the body thickness to 8.04mm, and the battery capacity is 4000mAh and is equipped with 66W super flash charging support. From charging efficiency to fragmented battery life, the Honor V40 “wins”!

Moreover, its grip comfort is much better than the Honor V30. After all, between a mobile phone of only 186g and a mobile phone of up to 213g, I believe most people will choose the slimmer Honor V40, right?

To sum up:

In general, the Honor V40 alone is compared with the top flagships of other companies. In some respects, it is indeed inferior; but compared to the previous one, the Honor V40 can see the competitiveness from software and hardware to products. All have been greatly improved. The new machine is more focused on creating a slim body grip, excellent full-scene camera capabilities, and excellent battery life. In terms of core hardware performance, the Honor V40 does not pursue extreme changes and improvements.


Therefore, if you are more concerned about this, the Honor V40 may not be your good match; in addition, the resolution of the front camera of the Honor V40 is slightly “make up”, at least not as good as the Honor V30. The ability to take selfies, then the Honor V40 is not a better choice; the Honor V40 is a product that is sufficient for daily use and is not difficult for large mainstream games to play, but it is really not the “choice” of a gaming phone. , So heavy game fans are not suitable for choosing this phone.

And if you are interested in its fashionable colors and excellent camera level, it does not require high hardware performance. Obviously, Honor 40 is a good choice~ After all, Dimensity 1000+ is a tuning Very mature 5G processing for 7nm process!

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