Cooker King Japanese Tempura Fryer-Practical Helper in Kitchen

I like cooking in the kitchen at home and making some fried food for my family. Oneday I saw this fryer that specifically designed for making fried food, I realized there were such a product, I would like to share some experience with you guys about this fryer.

There are three parts in total: the pot, the lid designed for oil draining, and the thermometer. The included thermometer plugs directly into the lid of the pot, making it easy to check the oil temperature, which is a practical little thing.


The diameter of the pot  is 20cm, and the upper end of the edge has an opening design of the oil pouring, which is convenient for pouring out oil. The pot shape designed by large belly type can maximize the capacity. The material is of fine iron ground, and the outer layer of the pot is not easy to rust after nitrification process.

The handle at the edge of the pot is made of stainless steel, which is more stable, but the steel also has good thermal conductivity, so when using the handle it could be very hot, which needs to pay attention to.


One important point to note when covering the pot is that the pot body has a movable bayonet design on the edge, which is very stable when fixed to the pot cover, and the round hole is in the position to hold the thermometer.


Remove the top cover to see the oil drain rack design, easy to place food that just fried and oil draining, this rack is made of metal that can be removed separately and easy to clean.

Then let’s do the actual operation. Just from the use experience, compared with the previous frying pan, the frying is  a lot more convenient, the pot mouth opening is large, convenient to put food, with the application of the thermometer can also be very convenient to check the oil temperature.



The drain rack is also very practical and works well. You put the fried ingredients there first to drain, to recover the excess oil and to give the crispy meat a little more texture.